Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yet more PJs

Here're a few mores sets of PJs, 3 for each one of the boys. The pants pattern is from Ottobre's 4-03 issue, and the shirts are from my most used Ottobre issue, 4-04.

I've sewn up 4 more pairs of pants, but I haven't gotten the shirts sewn yet. I have the fabrics picked out for these 2 pants,

but I need to get for cranberry interlock for these penguins pants, and more white interlock for the ladybug pants.

Hopefully I'll be done with these soon. I actually like sewing pjs, but I've been doing nothing but sewing them for the last week, and I'm ready to move on to something else now.


  1. Cute! Amy and I are actually going to get together this week and sew (or we'll get lots of talking done in the sewing room).

  2. i love all the pj's.
    are your kids wearing them already?
    or are you waiting for Christmas?