Monday, January 4, 2010

before and after pics

One of my very dear friends wanted to know what my sewing room was looking like now that I've gotten rid of so much stuff. I don't have a before picture from very recently, but this is a pretty good representation of how much fabric there was, just fill all the shelves and add a bunch more on top of the shelving units.

This is what I have left. The shelf of the right side of the picture, plus the box just to the left of it, has all the fabric that I still need to get rid of. The top shelf has a couple of boxes that are already sold (these will get mailed tomorrow) and some Christmas fabric I'm not sure if I'm keeping or not, the shelf under it has some more boxes that I've packed up to sell as a FRB lot and some Heather Ross fabric I have listed on Ebay, and then the bottom 2 shelves are things I still need to find a home for.

The shelving unit in the closet has what I'm keeping; 1 box of bamboo jersey, 1 box of knit prints, 1 box of wovens, and then my bamboo velours and fleeces.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Making PJs/Using Up Fabric

Did you know that sewing is a great way to use up fabric? What a novel concept! ;) I've been downsizing the sewing room, and decided last night that I'd actually sew up some of this fabric instead of just selling it.

Miss C has been going through a MAJOR growth spurt for the last month, and has outgrown almost all her clothes. About 2 months ago I was sewing a size 140 (or 10 in US sizing) for her, and today I made this PJ set for her in a size 152 (or 12 is US sizing). At least as an infant it took her about 3 months to go up one size, but she just grew 2 sizes in a month! No wonder she's had so many growing pains. :/

Anyways here's the photo. Pattern is from Ottobre 4/2004, leggings and girls shirt.