Friday, February 13, 2009

A tutorial for a V-neck shirt

***Update: I've posted a newer version of a v-neck shirt here***

Hopefully this is helpful to someone. My sister asked me to show her how to do a v-neck and I thought I'd go ahead and post it here. This may not be the best or easiest way for everyone, but it's the way I do it, and I love the results.

First thing I do is cut my neckband and iron it in half lengthwise.
Then overlap the ends to form your "v" shape.

I then sew the edges down, so I don't have to worry about them shifting while I'm actually sewing this piece onto the shirt.

Here is the stitching.

I then trim off the excess fabric from the corners.

Here is the front of the shirt with the band right under it. The angles are completely the opposite, so you'll have to pin this together to keep everything in place.

Here is mine pinned in place.

And here's what it looks like form the opposite side.

Then I serge the band in place.

Stopping when I get to the corner and turning it.

A picture of what it looks like on the inside once the band in serged on.

Then you flip it and topstitch it.

Here's the final product.


  1. Wonderful tutorial!
    i am about to make a PJ set of a nephew and i was having trouble figuring this part out.
    Thank You!

  2. Awesome thanks! :D

  3. Thanks for this!!!


  4. I'm making my daughter some scrubs. I've sewn all my life, and this "V" neck is eating my lunch! I have sewn and ripped, all day! I can't get it "set" in my mind!! I see what you did, but I"m still confused. Did you sew the "V" onto the right side of the fabric? That's what the pattern says to do. One side I can do, but trying to do the other side, just doesn't work!! Please pray!!

  5. BettySue, one thing that I've changed since doing this post is to actually baste (sew it on with just a long straight stitch) the V neck onto the right side of the fabric, instead of trying to pin it on, right at the "V". This has helped tremendously is getting the V right every time. I'm sorry that this technique is giving you so much trouble, and I hope that you get it figured out soon.

    If you think more pictures would help, please say so and I'll get more posted. :)


  6. Actually, I probably should just redo this whole tutorial since the pictures are so crummy. lol I took those pictures myself while sewing, with a less than fantastic camera, and in a very poorly lit sewing room.

  7. You have no idea how glad I was to find this tutorial. I too have worked all day on this "simple" task. I too am still having difficulty making it work, but I've made more progress in this reading than my efforts all day long. Please post more pictures and focus on the V-portion making a V (if that makes sense.) Please continue to post any helpful hints like this. I've sewn for years and this one really stumped me! Thank you.

  8. Thanks you SOOOO much!! I have been searching for a tut for this and yours is perfect! Off to try it :)

  9. Thank you so much for this tute! I just tried it...took me 10 minutes and it worked perfectly!

  10. I searched everywhere and tried several different methods, but this was the only one I could get to work. Thanks! Question: how long to you cut ribbing for the neck? 2/3 of neckline length (like for a rounded neckline) or the same length as the neckline. I've seen advice given both ways. I made mine about 4 inches shorter than the necline (on a 26" circumference) and I think it pulls too much. Any thoughts?

  11. cosypatch, I don't have or use a magic formula. If the material I'm using is more stretchy and forgiving, I'll cut a shorter band, and if it's a little stiffer and not as stretchy then I cut a slightly longer one. As a general rule though, I tend to take anywhere from 2"-4" off. Anything more than that and I feel like it's gathering the shirt at the neckband, instead of just offering stability for the shape. :)

  12. It is so hard to find a good tutorial on how to make a V neck. I'm very new a sewing and some of the steps are over my head. Then when I read the comments, I'm even more confused when you said you've changed a couple of things. You mentioned redoing the tutorial. I didn't know if you had or if you could ever do a video. Maybe even taking pictures using a different color V than the shirt to help see the details in things. Thanks so much for your time!

  13. kygirl, the link to the new tutorial that i posted it at the top of this page, in the first sentence. I do agree, the pictures in this one were a little difficult to see, as the lighting was poor. Hopefully the newer tutorial will be more helpful to you.

  14. did you make the shirt? how'd you stitch it to the shirt? if it already had a collar

    1. Kyra, yes I made the shirt as well, so there wasn't a collar on it before I sewed that one on.