Saturday, January 2, 2010

Making PJs/Using Up Fabric

Did you know that sewing is a great way to use up fabric? What a novel concept! ;) I've been downsizing the sewing room, and decided last night that I'd actually sew up some of this fabric instead of just selling it.

Miss C has been going through a MAJOR growth spurt for the last month, and has outgrown almost all her clothes. About 2 months ago I was sewing a size 140 (or 10 in US sizing) for her, and today I made this PJ set for her in a size 152 (or 12 is US sizing). At least as an infant it took her about 3 months to go up one size, but she just grew 2 sizes in a month! No wonder she's had so many growing pains. :/

Anyways here's the photo. Pattern is from Ottobre 4/2004, leggings and girls shirt.


  1. sheesh you're talented! that's super cute!

  2. Very cute. I need to sew more too. The stash literally does overfloweth.

  3. Leslie, I miss your sewing posts and tutorials. You used to be so active on the Covered Caboose forum and I haven't seen you around for ages. It is now called Nature's Fabrics (perhaps you know this). Anyway, hope you're doing well...don't know how else to contact you. I'm getting a Coverpro and am looking forward to your tutorials to help me. Thanks.