Friday, February 4, 2011

Another try at a difficult pattern

So you may, or may not, remember my post about sewing up a Jetro romper from Otto 4-08. Here's a picture of the original romper I made.

It had a few problems. Some where the way I sewed it, and some were just the result of the pattern itself. The placket was really hard to manage, and binding it was a nightmare. It's no surprise to me that I left that pattern alone and never came back to it....until last night.

You see, last night I saw a tutorial for modifying the pattern to be a full front snapping pattern, and I decided to give it another go. This is the result.

I'm very pleased with the outcome, and sewing up this version was much, much easier than the original. I did have a slightly hard time trying to get the snap placement correct at the crotch area, and I'll make sure to space it out a little better next time, but other than that, it was great improvement on a pattern that I thought I'd never touch again.

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  1. I'm no sewing buff (okay, I can barely sew curtain panels), but that DOES look like a difficult pattern. Very nicely done!!