Monday, May 9, 2011

Diaper, diaper, wherefore art thou diaper?

We've been heard a time or two....or two thousand, quoting Romeo and Juliet in our house lately. Not that it really has anything to do with this post, only that it might help explain the silly title. ;)

I've been sewing up quite a bit lately, but as is my typical fashion, I rarely get around to taking or posting pictures. Since I have a bit of free time today though, I figured I should get caught up.

Up first are some diapers that I made last week. We were working on an adoption of a little girl, but that feel through a few days ago. Instead of spending the day feeling sad, and decided to spend the day working on my boy diaper stash. Now we're on our way to being a little more prepared for either, or perhaps even both, a boy or a girl.

All but 3 of these dipes are from the Darling Diapers Unlimited (DDU) pattern, the other 3 are from a Very Baby pattern. Some of them are just serged, and some are turned and topstitched. I prefer the look of the turned and topstitched ones, but I much prefer the speed of making the serged ones. lol

Next up, a couple Oliver + S Tea Party dresses. I actually made these about 2 months ago, but I never posted them, so here they are.

Here is my very favorite dress; the Oliver + S Bubble dress. I love, LOVE, *LOVE* this dress. It didn't, however, love me. Or perhaps my tired mind just didn't want to comprehend what I was doing wrong. I took me about 5 times to get the bodice and skirt sewn together properly. I finally had it right, topstitched it....only to realize that I did not, in fact, have it right. So out came all the topstitching, serger stitching, and the sewing machine stitching...again. I did finally get it right though....only to want to throw it in the trash when it came to the bottom button hole. Grr..... My button holer was working perfectly on the scratch fabric, like it always happens, and it even did the top 2 button holes perfectly, but for some reason, it was dead set against sewing that last one. I must have ripped out those stitches 6-7 times before I gave up, and just moved the hole up about 1/2". For some reason that worked (I think the edge of the button hole foot was partly on top of the seam allowance). After all of that, I still love both the dress and the pattern. I plan to make a few more very soon.

And lastly, a few baby girl outfits. All random Ottobre patterns, except the gown in the very last picture; that's a Kwik Sew pattern.


  1. Wow! You have been very busy! I'm sorry the adoption fell through, though. :(

  2. Hey I am thinking you could make some money selling these...they are pretty pricey little numbers on Etsy or even if you can find them on Ebay. Looks like you are a pro at sewing them...maybe you should give a little selling a try??


  3. where did u get the pattern for the little outfits? please let me know great work by the way

  4. where did u get the pattern's from?

  5. Monque, thank you for the sweet comment. To answer your question about the patterns, the diapers are Darling Diapers Unlimited and the clothes are a mishmash. The top 3 dresses are Oliver + S patterns, then there are a couple of Ottobre patterns, and some Kwik Sew patterns.

  6. I *LOVE* the Kwik Sew gowns. I have the pattern, but I was wanting to use ribbing instead of just turning the edge down and stitching. Do you trim the neckline back a little to make room for the ribbing? If so, how much? Your stuff looks fabulous. Great work!!

    1. Mindy, I do trim back the neckline, so as to leave the same amount of room as the pattern calls for. For example, I always cut my ribbing with a 1 1/4" width, and once that's folded and the SA is taken off that leaves me with 3/8" ribbing, so I trim off 3/8" off the original pattern. :)