Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Diapers, wipes and bibs

Here are a few Very Baby fitted diapers I made. I forgot how much I love sewing up this pattern. The curves on it make it so easy and quick to sew.

I also made up a couple of Happy Snap one-size diapers. I made these as an all-in-two/pocket hybrid. They're made with a PUL outer, hidden bamboo fleece and an inner of bamboo velour, with a snap-in soaker AND a pocket opening for stuffing in extra layers.

Then, I made up this fitted diaper. I really like the curves of the Very Baby pattern, but what I don't like is the sizing. It tends to run pretty small, so each size is outgrown very quickly. I have the Darling Diaper Unlimited (DDU) pattern, and the sizing is much better, but I didn't like the front and wing curves. So I just merged the two patterns together, and I now have a better sized diaper with curves that are extremely easy to sew.

I also made a few bibs. I ordered a couple of bibs from a WAHM and I love them, but they'd get very expensive very quickly if you wanted a stash of them. So I used the ones I ordered as inspiration for making a few more for my own stash.

Lastly, I used up a few scraps to make some wipes/washcloths. They're 8"x8", and while I intended them to be the start of a wipes stash, they've very quickly been snatched up for washcloths. :)


  1. That brown dinosaur print is amazingly adorable!! I LOVE it! (And side snaps have turned out to be my favorite) :) You're so talented!

  2. How did you alter the VB? Did you use the length of the DDU or did you add length to the body plus width to the wings? I am curious because I bought both these patterns around the time DS was PLing and have little experience with the fit. I do like the easy curves on VB, but I would like to know how to make them last longer for another LO.

    1. Reena, I used the length and width of the DDU pattern, as I find the VB pattern to run extremely short, and then I used the curves of the VB pattern. I still go back and forth and sometimes sew up the original DDU pattern and sometimes sew up the hybrid DDU/VB pattern. The DDU size medium really does have a great size range with it though. If you don't have very large toddlers you could very easily use the mediums from around 9 months until PLing.