Sunday, May 12, 2013

Back from the dead...

My sewing mojo is finally coming back.  Though I guess that title could also refer to this blog.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I've sewn or posted on this blog, but it's now been almost 2 years since my last post.

Sure, I've sewn a few things here and there, but really, what fun is it to share a picture of a diaper?  Because really, for the last year, that's *all* I've sewn.  Yep, diapers are cute, and I still love to look at them, but who wants to see a hundred posts of diapers?  And who has time to create a post for each diaper?  Not I!  

However, a few days ago I decided to sew something, gasp, non-diaper related.  I saw my lovely woven stash sitting here aging and collecting dust curing to perfecting and wanted to dig in.  So I pulled out an Oliver + S pattern, Puppet Show, and spent an evening tracing and cutting out my pattern pieces.  

It's a lovely looking pattern, see.

A cute little pair of bloomers, and a lovely little tunic.  The bloomers got sewn up without a snag...

but that's where my sewing bliss ended.  I'm not a novice to sewing and not even a novice to Oliver + S patterns, but this tunic kicked my heinie!  In fact, it's still kicking it, because as you can see from my photos I'm not even finished with it.  

Two full days of sewing, people, and it's still not done.  *sigh*  

It's enough to drive a person crazy.  Part of me wants to just put it in the "get to it later pile", which is really the "never touch it again" pile, but I refuse to give up.  I will conquer!  And hopefully I'll even be back soon to post the finished pictures.

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