Friday, July 24, 2009

Burp cloths, receiving blankets and onsies

A friend of mine posted a link to this free New Conceptions burp cloth pattern, and I decided to try it out yesterday.....

LOL I *LOVE* simple and quick projects, and this is both simple and quick, so I made up 10 of them and still have 5 more cut out. I used flannel as the top layer and organic bamboo fleece as the bottom layer. There's also 2 receiving blankets I made, one is done just by serging the edges and one done with mitered corners. Serging is definitely quicker, but I like te look of the mitered corners better.

Here's a few onsies I made yesterday as well. The 3 on the left are made using Kwik Sew 2433, and the 2 on the right are from Ottobre 5-06. the Kwik Sew pattern seems to run wide, but maybe I just don't remember how chubby babies can be. ;)


  1. i am so glad you try the pattern.
    They are easy to make, arent they?

    the onesies are just so cute.
    BTW... i have been missing you. i like keeping in touch with you but being in NYC makes everything so different. :/

  2. Yes! They're incredibly easy, and so fast. I'm so glad that you shared that pattern.

    I've missed talking with you too, but I hope that you're having a wonderful time in NY, and I can't wait to see all the pics that I hope you're taking. lol