Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Eve PJs

One of our family traditions is opening one gift on Christmas Eve. My parents did this with my sister and I, and we've carried it on. However my husband and I streamlined this a little bit by always giving the same gift; pjs to wear that night. :)

Sometimes they have matching pjs, sometimes not. This year I decided to go with matching, because it's been a couple years since we've done it this way.

I found a super cute penguin flannel at JoAnns, and bought was I thought was "more" than enough, and ended up only having about 2 inches left over. :/ At least there was enough though, and I didn't have to hunt down more. I used a different, matching, color of cotton/lycra jersey to make shirts for each of them, so they match, but not too much so. Cortney has pink, Ryley has red, Jacob has green and Jordan has orange.

Please ignore all the string on the floor. It makes the sewing room feel a little more used if I leave them there. :p

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