Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little late and a little early

I'm a little late in showing the Easter shirts I made for the kids on Easter morning, but here they are. I hadn't planned on making anything this year, but when I woke up that morning I decided that they needed something after all so I made them all matching shirts. I love how these look together, just like little Easter eggs. :)
Then I'm a little early with the baby outfits, since we don't have a baby on the way yet. Hopefully we'll be expecting again by the end of the year. For some reason I have the assumption that we'll have another boy. I have 16 outfits made so far, and 14 of them are for a baby boy.


  1. That is funny that you assume it will be another boy. My guts are telling me a girl.
    I totally love the shirt in the pastel colors. very cute idea!

  2. Leslie,
    Where do you get your size tags? I have been thinking of getting some too. but i don't know a really good place.

  3. I've gotten them from various places in the past, but lately I've been getting them from I love the ones Lisa carries, and the quality of them is very good.