Saturday, April 11, 2009

More baby sewing!

Here's a couple more baby boy outfits that I finished up yesterday. All the patterns are from Ottobre. I'm really hoping that someone I know has a little boy, so I can send these to a good home. Either that or our family needs to grow. :)

I was so proud of the dye job I did on the brown in this set. It matches those brown monsters perfectly!


  1. I love the boy outfits!!
    Was it hard making the first one?
    I have the magazine, i just dont dare to try it out yet. I am too afraid. It looks terribly hard to make. :(

  2. No, I didn't think it was hard. The only problem I had was that I didn't cut my first binding strip long enough, so I had to take it all out and start again. If you want I can do a sew-along for it. :)

  3. Please!!!!
    I am terrify by the one leg that separate completely. BTW... have you ever made bias tape from woven? i have my strips but i cant figure it out how to sew them together. :/

  4. Those are so adorable!!!! Love, love, love them! You do such amazing work!! By the way, Baby Jonyn received his outfits last week and they are perfect! He says THANKS AUNT LESLIE!! :) We love them and they fit him great.