Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas sewing!

I love Christmas, and I love Christmas sewing. So I've been very happy this week to spend hours and hours in my sewing room. Here's what I've been working on...

Lounge pants for my dad. I don't have a tried and true mens shirt pattern, so I just bought a RTW shirt. Pattern is KwikSew 2687

Chef's hat for my youngest nephew, Nathan. I still need to add the velcro to the back, but I love how cute this is and it'll go perfectly with his felt food I made him. Pattern is from Ottobre 4-04.

A set of 4 cloth napkins and 2 facecloths for my mom. The napkins are just 2 layers of cotton woven serged together with a rolled hem, and the facecloths are flannel on one side and organic bamboo velour on the other.

A set of 4 cloth napkins for my Aunt (on top) and a set of 4 for my Grandma (on the bottom).

A warming bag filled with rice for each one of my kids.

A few of the fabric gift bags that I've made. Several of them are already being used, and I still have a pile that I need to finish topstitching.

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