Monday, December 15, 2008

Little sis's pjs, and some shirts for me

My little sister (who's 10) is, well, kind of bright and loud and obnoxious, and I absolutely love her. Really, I'd have to love her to make these pjs for her, because they just scream 1980's, and for some reason I find that reprehensible. These fabrics were in a box of fabrics that my mom gave me, and were some of the ones I planned on tossing because I didn't like them. However my little sis saw them and instantly fell in love with the bright yellow flannel and panda bears interlock and asked that I make her some pjs with them. I hate these pjs, they're hideously ugly, but it's what she wanted so now she's going to have to live with them. (and she's probably going to love them because that's how she is)

Here are 2 long sleeve shirts for me, using ottobre 2-07 and adding a little length to the 3/4 sleeves.

And here are the two pj shirts that I needed to make to match the flannel lounge pants that I made a few days ago.

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